TAX Automated Cannabis POS Software
6 Months FREE
For California State Dispensaries.

We recognize small businesses are dealing with unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why we’re offering Six Months Of Cannabis POS Software License to our TAX automated POS Software.

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We’re Together

At ZenCanna, one of our core values is being ”Together.” As our country faces a crisis from COVID-19, this value has never been more critical.

To help small and midsize businesses weather this COVID-19 storm, we’ve decided to offer Free Six Months Cannabis POS Software, to anyone that needs help.

Real-Time Tax Rates

Get up-to-date and accurate tax rates for every state and local jurisdiction.

Automated Filing & Remittance

Put preparation, submission and payment on autopilot for all your sales tax filings.

Transparent Reporting

Take back control with visibility into everything from your historical data to current filings.

Print-Ready Tax Forms

Get up-to-date and pre-filled accurate tax forms to facilitate your eFiling requirements with the state.

The Only Cannabis Compliance Solution with Tax Automation & eFiling

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free POS Software For Six Months* - Free Full-service Tax Automated Cannabis POS Software for the following 6 months - For new and existing customers.
  • No Additional Fees - No Hidden Charges, Full Service Cannabis POS Software with all PRO Features.
  • Quick Start - Have your Dispensary POS up and running within 10 days.
*some restrictions may apply.

The Complete Point of Sale Solution for Cannabis Dispensaries

Included Key Features

User Check-In

Stay up to date with law changes

Sales Forecast


Calculating Cost-Per-Gram

Tax Automation & Filing

  • User Check-In
  • Point of Sale
  • Multi Location Management
  • Reporting
  • ID Verification
  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery Apps
  • Tax Calculations & Filing

Since Acquiring The ZenCanna PoS System


Customers saw improved stock accuracy within 1 month


Customers seen an increase in gross profit margin (up to 9%) within the first year


Customers saw immediate efficiencies across all departments


Retailers cash flow has improved

Why ZenCanna Point of Sale?

Tax Automation

Smart PoS that automates cannabis tax calculations & tax filing for dispensaries

Simple to Use

Simple to use cannabis dispensary PoS system that streamline your dispensary operations with ease.


Our Cannabis retail PoS system is proven and scalable. Our API connects with software you already use.

Handsfree Installation

We will migrate all your data from an existing system and import your products, stock and customer data

Exceptional Support

Priority phone, email, chat support 24/7, unlimited 1 on coaching and training. Onsite engineers available throughout the US.

ZenCanna Features In Comparison

Our Features In Comparison
Features ZenCanna Dispensary PoS Software Other Dispensary PoS Softwares
Price Licensing starts at $99 Starts at $249
PoS Features User Management, Inventory management, Customize Pricing, Solid Loyalty Program, Employee Management, Reporting, Tax Calculations & More Inventory management, Custom Pricing, Inventory, Partial Loyalty Programs
Integrations Metrc, Bio TrackTHC, Leaf Data Systems, QuickBooks, Xero, mPoP Metrc
Customer Support 24/7 Customer Support (Phone, Email, Live Chat) 24/7 Support (Phone, Email)
Hardware & Software Requirements Compatible with Desktop & Mobile / Windows, Mac & Linux Operating Systems Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux Platforms
Security Features 256-bit Bank-grade security with encryption Secured servers
Tax Compliance & Automation Automated Tax Calculations & Tax Filing Manual Calculations & No Filings
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Essential PoS Features Specially Designed For Cannabis Dispensaries

ZenCanna empowers cannabis dispensaries with an automated tax compliance solution

Key Highlights of ZenCanna Tax Compliant Cannabis Dispensary PoS Software

Primarily ZenCanna cannabis dispensary PoS system created to keep you updated about the ever changing state specific cannabis excise and sales tax compliances. It automates the entire tax calculation & tax filing process. ZenCanna is the only all-inclusive, automated tax compliant cannabis dispensary PoS software in the market.

100% Tax Compliant

Full state integration, especially with respect to state-specific tax compliance regulation

Real-Time Tax Rates

Auto updates with state specific real-time tax rates based on the zip code of the dispensary

Tax Compliance Alerts

Sends timely alerts to keep you updated about tax compliance & filing due dates. Special alerts in the event of due date has passed.

Transparent Reporting

Take back control with visibility into everything from your historical data to current filings and future forecasts.

Support When You Need It

Quickly solve any issue with the most responsive and knowledge support team in the industry.

Plenty of Partner Apps

Plug into almost any accounting or eCommerce platform on day one. See full list of integrations

Automated Tax Calculations

Automatically calculates cannabis sales and excise taxes to invoices and reports to the local and state authorities.

Automated Tax Filing

Easy and simple process to eFile your cannabis sales, excise and local taxes with state and local authorities.

More PoS Features

Customer Check In

Self Check In kiosk ID & Age Verification Upload Documents Queue Management.

Warehouse Management

Global Product catalog Inventory Management Inventory Audits Distribute Products Product Lifecycle Traceability Purchase Orders.

Sales Process & PoS Operations

Multiple Store & Franchises Setup Fast Sales Processing Cloud Point-of-Sale Software Barcoding & Dispatch Cash Drawer & Transactions Delivery Management.


API That Allows External Integrations Integration With Accounts Systems (QuickBooks, Xero) Integrations With traceability Systems (Metrc, Biotrack THC, Leaf Data Systems)

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