10 Signs of Using Wrong Cannabis POS System in your Dispensary

10 Signs Of Using Wrong Cannabis POS System

November 11, 2019 1 Comment

Signs of using wrong cannabis POS system – While a perfect cannabis POS is a major turning point for seamless dispensary operations and revenue generation, a flip side or a wrong cannabis POS can just turn the whole revenue story upside down. 

Inability of a cannabis POS to integrate in a seamless way or act inefficiently impacts not just the bottom-line growth, but equally impacts the business-to-consumer relations. 

The whole idea of having a cannabis POS is to ensure that the cannabis products reach the end point, the customer, in a fast, uninterrupted way, while assisting the dispensary staff in the process of revenue generation as well.

Signs That Your Dispensary Needs Proper Cannabis POS Software

A malfunctioning or an inefficient cannabis POS software has plenty of loopholes at every stage of functioning. From a difficult device interface, poor tax compliance to poor after sales customer service, a POS can be filled with major setbacks in the entire end-to-end process of dispensary operations.

In case, you are still unsure as to what exactly is going wrong with your marijuana POS, let’s take a look at these 10 signs, which directly give a picture of an inefficient cannabis POS. 

These will give the perfect idea of what all is wrong with your dispensary POS software.

  1. Facing difficulties in user check-in and user ID verification
  2. Lacking METRC and other third-party integrations
  3. Doesn’t support multi-store management
  4. Lack of medical and recreational sales features
  5. Inaccurate inventory tracking and management
  6. Lack of delivery tracking apps
  7. Confusing and inaccurate sales reports
  8. Lacks state compliance integration feature
  9. Doesn’t support tax calculations & reporting
  10. Not satisfied with the after-sales customer service

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Are You Using Wrong Cannabis POS Software In Your Dispensary?

Here in this blog post we’ll discuss some of the common signs that you face while using your current cannabis POS software. If you experience any of the difficulties listed below needs to consider a new cannabis POS software.

Facing difficulties in user check-in and user ID verification

Inability to check-in or attach medical information to a customer profile or verify age-proof is the first setback in establishing rapport with a customer. This failure hampers the creation of a purchase order, verify their open-to-buy purchase amount, as required by a state’s patient registry system. Hence, facing difficulties in user check-in and user ID verification is a big sign of poor or in-efficient user interface of a POS.

Zencanna POS Software has automated visitor management that makes it easy to manage repeat and new customers. User ID verification like state medical card and physician’s written recommendation becomes an easy process. 

Lacking METRC and other third-party integrations

METRC is California’s seed-to-sale track and trace system. It is California’s cannabis monitoring and surveillance, with which it keeps track of marijuana sales in a regulated environment. 

Most of cannabis POS integrate with METRC and other important third-party integrations in order to track seeds, clones, individual marijuana products and batches of the products from the time they are ordered till the final sale. 

Hence, a lack of METRC or third-party integrations will not automatically track the batches and therefore, fail to comply to keep track of marijuana sales in a marijuana regulated market. 

Zencanna retail POS platform integrates well with METRC and other third-party integrations to assist with the track-to-trace system. 

Doesn’t support multi-store management

A good cannabis POS should perfectly amalgamate with the in-bound and out-bound operations across all locations. Failure to do so will not keep a check on important parameters like product inventory, sales, regulatory and tax compliance issues. 

Hence, if a cannabis POS is not supporting the multi-store management feature, it’s likely to increase the workload of staff, who will have to put extra effort to keep in sync with all the important business operations, across multiple locations of a store. This curtails time, energy and the productivity of a business.

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Lack of medical and recreational sales features

A good cannabis POS should be well-segregated to handle medical and recreational sales. Lack of this feature, will make the sales part difficult for the budtenders, who have to sell both kinds of marijuana to consumers.  

For instance, understanding purchase limits of medical and recreational marijuana sales might get difficult if a cannabis POS lacks the feature. This could prove disastrous for a marijuana business as it could increase the possibility of exceeding the stipulated limits and attracting heavy penalties.

Inaccurate inventory tracking and management

Accurate and transparent inventory traceability, at every stage of business operation, is something that can be achieved with an efficient cannabis POS. A marijuana industry specific POS will effectively track sales and the entire supply chain, on a day-to-day basis, to keep the inventory numbers in sync. 

However, in the absence of the feature, stock or flowers are likely to go unreported or get missed from record, therefore leading to discrepancy. This inadequacy can lead to fines, penalties and even shutdown. 

Zencanna POS System is equipped with right integrations like METRC, BIOTRACKTHC, Leaf Data Systems to assist with accurate inventory tracking and management.

Lack of delivery tracking apps

Lack of delivery tracking apps fail to track the drivers and their location in real-time. With the product being marijuana, the high-risk nature of the product and the extensive cash handling, requires the dispensaries to have automated GPS location on each and every delivery vehicle, utilized within the business. This improves the compliance, as well as the safety of your drivers, along with ensuring that the customers are also well taken care off.

Hence, lack of delivery tracking apps, poses a direct security threat. Also, delivery tracking apps send timely notifications regarding dispatch limitations and requirements.

For instance, new regulations state a minimum value of the marijuana products to be pre-ordered before dispatch. A point-of-sale, which doesn’t have the delivery tracking app, will not send the alert, thereby putting a dispensary’s operation at direct risk.

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Confusing and inaccurate sales reports

Analytics and tools are the strengths of a good cannabis POS software. They ensure that a cannabis dispensary runs in the most optimal way. Analytics feature equip a marijuana business to assess its daily sales, operating and tax expenses, inventory, staff performance and many more parameters through comprehensive reports. 

In the absence of this feature, a business is likely to spend extra time in running surveys for each and every parameter or worse incur errors costing a bomb!

Lacks state compliance integration features

Compliance, both with state and local regulations, is the crucial element in running a marijuana dispensary POS, which are devoid of compliance integrations, will fail to submit accurate sales or inventory reports, leading to a heavy penalty. This can incur heavy losses to marijuana businesses.

Hence, a right cannabis dispensary POS system, with adequate compliance integration feature, will cover compliance issues at every stage. Right from tracking purchase of marijuana products in specified capacities to customer purchase limits, an effective cannabis dispensary POS will integrate well with state reporting software and automate reporting for all the mentioned parameters.

Zencanna’s cannabis retail POS platform is highly efficient with compliance of all kinds. 

Doesn’t support tax calculations & reporting

One of the most important, yet often missed features is tax compliance in cannabis POS. POS, which do not support tax calculations and reporting, often pose tax compliance issues. Any failure in staying tax compliant, is another sure shot reason to attract hefty fines. 

Zencanna comes to aid by being one of the solo-tax compliant cannabis POS in the industry, to have automated tax reporting feature. It calculates applicable cannabis taxes to invoices, stores cannabis state sales and excise tax information in sync, for record keeping requirements in cloud, generates official government approved tax filing documents, does tax filing on behalf of the dispensary owner/taxpayer (with multiple jurisdictions).

Not satisfied with the after-sales customer service

A good cannabis POS does more than the sales. It indulges in customer relationship building and stores their purchase history in record, to assess their buying pattern, type, capacities and frequency, from time to time. Not just this, the POS also integrates all the information collected into an effective loyalty program, so as to lure the repeat customers and generate new leads as well.

Zencanna’s POS is known to cater to a marijuana business’s clientele. To cater to the customer base, the POS automates the rewards and recognition program after gathering customer data, and automatically updates the consumers about discounts and rewards.

About Zencanna Cannabis Dispensary POS

Zencanna is synonymous with cannabis compliance, particularly tax compliance or automated tax reporting. This feature makes Zencanna’s cannabis POS software unique and different from the prevailing ones in the cannabis industry so far.

The following ways are in which Zencanna’s POS system will simplify cannabis business operations. 

  • Zencanna POS has all kind of compliance tools, catering to all kinds of product givers in the marijuana supply chain. This includes cultivators/ producers, distributors/wholesalers and retailers/dispensaries.
  • Easy check-in and ID verification feature through an automated visitor management makes it easy to manage repeat and new customers. This feature makes the verification part easy, like state medical card and physician’s written recommendation. Further, it even quickly allows the patients to schedule and make their dispensary visits, getting them queued. 
  • A strong and easy to use interface, makes the entire purchase experience of the customer seamless and hassle free. The best part is the easy interface hardly requires much time and effort from the budtender’s end, thereby saving ample time on training.
  • Zencanna’s POS is extremely efficient in covering all the end-to-end functions of a cannabis dispensary. Right from adding products to cart by scanning barcodes, upkeeping inventory records, availing customer data, making record of last updated sale to generating historical figures for the same, Zencanna’s POS is capable of doing it all.
  • Customer relationship management by way of automating rewards and recognition plan of the dispensary, is another unique feature of the point-of-sale’s service.
  • Zencanna’s POS has integrations that sync in with cannabis dispensary’s accounting and payroll system. This makes it easy to clock shift management timings for budtenders, therefore giving the exact time of their contribution.
  • Also, the integrations make the POS effective in generating real-time inventory status. It also assists in automating vendor’s payments and tracking vendor shipments.
  • The most unique offering of Zencanna’s point-of-sale is its tax automation feature. It automates tax calculations and remittance, forcing the dispensaries to stay tax compliant always.
  • Generating historical reports for sales, expenses, taxes, performance etc. are all part of Zencanna’s point-of-sale’s integrations.

Want assistance to pick the right cannabis POS system for your marijuana dispensary?

Zencanna POS licensing begins with $99 and the POS caters to all kinds of players, irrespective of any size or bandwidth in the marijuana industry. However, specific quotes will vary based on locations, number of POS systems and the required features.

To understand more about the quotes or simply learn about our cannabis POS software for your marijuana setup, contact us today!