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How To Create An Effective Security Plan For Cannabis Dispensary?

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While on one hand the cannabis industry is booming with the rising consumer trend, the industry is constantly under threat from the illicit cannabis black market due to lower pricing points. Not to mention, the surmounting threat in the areas of security, due to being heavily involved with cash and an ever changing regulatory and security environment.

In such a scenario, developing an effective security plan for cannabis dispensaries is imperative. While protecting assets in a cannabis business is crucial, securing compliance and customer information is equally important.

However, before delving into cannabis security plan, it’s important to conduct a security assessment, in order to analyze the risks involved in the cannabis business setup.

Since each state differs in terms of its security and regulatory mandates, its important to learn what exactly is demanded from your marijuana setup. Let’s understand this with an effective cannabis security plan.

Creating An Effective Security Plan For Cannabis Dispensary

Security Plan for Cannabis Dispensary Table of contents:

1) How to create an effective cannabis security plan

  • Review your state specific security regulations and compliance rules
  • Overview the plan, its purpose and objectives
  • Access control
  • Have a physical building design/layout
  • Install safekeeping measures
  • Document everything
  • POS integrated with security features

2) Important security features of point-of-sale of a cannabis dispensary

3) How are cannabis security systems different from standard security systems?

4) How can Zencanna POS help in streamlining your dispensary security plan?

  • Secure cloud
  • State compliant integrations
  • Inventory tracking
  • Secure customer identification
  • Safe transport/delivery

How to create an effective cannabis security plan

  • Review your state specific security regulations and compliance rules: – Depending on the state you operate, review your state and local laws, along with federal laws, to understand what all is applicable on your cannabis business. Since security regulations are different from state to state, they can get highly comprehensive to very basic as well. For instance, in California, security regulations are quite comprehensive and require cameras to have at least a minimum camera resolution, set number of frames per second, proper positioning of the cameras, storing footage for at least 90 days etc.
  • Overview the plan, its purpose and objectives: – Clearly identify the roles of all employees, who will be in-charge of maintaining and updating the plan.
  • Access control: – Chart the steps to understand how people will enter and exit the dispensary. An access control will ensure only authorized personnel to check-in and check-out at any point of time. Before the access control, the system should document all the processes including background checks, new employee on-boarding and access management. In fact, an access control system plan can even stop unauthorized access to specific areas like warehouse as well.
  • Have a physical building design/layout: – Highlight the landscaping, lighting, fencing, camera positioning, parking lot and the property surrounding the physical location of the dispensary. 
  • Install safekeeping measures: – Ensure that safekeeping features like extra locks on storage space, proper video surveillance with remote monitoring as well, intrusion alarms (that activate when one’s not there) and even armored transport, for the sake of safe transfer of product and cash, are all in place.
  • Document everything: – Ensure you document all the cannabis security processes, right from customer entry, product storage to live video surveillance and cash management.
  • POS integrated with security features: – While the much needed superficial and external security features are in place, it’s important that a marijuana dispensary POS or software is equipped to handle the internet related security issues. These include the privacy protection of valuable customer information, as well as the store’s necessary product, cash and tax information. 

Important security features of point-of-sale of a cannabis dispensary

All marijuana dispensaries need to have a retail point-of-sale which complies with regulatory framework of their state of operation, with a fair amount of security. 

Although, a marijuana business will have it specifics of systems and protocols depending on their location and nature of business (cultivators, distributors, manufacturers or retailors), the basic compliance standards will more or less be the same.

In short, a cannabis business POS, should include security systems that

  • Regulate marijuana access, right from entry to exit.
  • Securing product during handling, storage and transportation.
  • Tracking inventory through seed-to-sale reporting method, to keep a tab on damaged or stolen inventory.
  • Automating notifications and alerts in the event of any security breach.
  • Safekeeping of digital records in cloud, to maintain privacy and safety.

How are cannabis security systems different from standard security systems?

  • Cannabis security systems will have comprehensive surveillance capacities than the standard ones. For instance, they will focus om having more cameras, with higher video quality and more stored footage.
  • A cannabis security system will have better access control to comply with the state-wise compliance regulations.
  • The POS will have better insight into detailed documentation, by way of updating inventory, track-to-trace reporting of products to state specific authorities, etc. to ensure timely and orderly compliance.

It’s because of the nature of the product that the hardware and software components will vary in a cannabis POS as compared to any standard POS or security systems.

How can Zencanna POS help in streamlining your dispensary security plan?

Zencanna Cannabis Dispensary POS software is perfect to streamline day-to-day compliance issues, while providing a safe, secure working website, for payment processing. 

  • Secure cloud: – Cloud based POS software can be vulnerable to cyber security threats. However, Zencanna’s POS utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption to protect both, customer’s and business information. The POS is SOC and GDPR compliant, which assures security, availability, processing integrity, maintenance of privacy and confidentiality of customer information.
  • State compliant integrations: – Zencanna’s point-of-sale software is highly compliant with the state specific regulatory framework. Right from staying in sync with the state specific seed-to-sale tracking systems, to integrating well with the accounting, payroll, marketing and other state-specific tax systems, the retail software keeps a secure, compliant business operations at all stages.
  • Inventory tracking: – Perhaps the most heightened feature of the POS is its inventory tracking and real-time updating. It also automates the inventory updating to another level, where it sends across alerts and notifications when the amount goes down a certain level, placing orders directly on the behalf of the budtender. Also, it keeps a tab on the state-specific permissible limits of marijuana sale with each transaction, thereby staying within the sales limit.
  • Secure customer identification: – Easy state medical card and patient and physician’s recommendation makes the entry of customers smooth and hassle free. The POS has automated visitor management feature, which easily verifies new or repeat patients, saving their private information securely, while creating their profiles for future reference. Also, the patient scheduler, assist patients to schedule their appointments.
  • Safe transport/delivery: – Advanced delivery app shows live route map, the status of delivery personnel, delivery assignments, geo-fencing, idling, sending notifications or alerts instantly, in case of any security breach or accident. This ensure secure transport of the cannabis products to the patients/customers.

Selecting the right cannabis dispensary POS is one of the crucial steps in creating an effective security plan for your dispensary. It will minimize not just risks and expenses, but will also ensure that as an owner, you are left with ample time to focus on your bottom line and grow.

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