The Importance Of Security In The Cannabis Industry

The Importance Of Security In The Cannabis Industry

August 25, 2020 0 Comment

There’s no denying that the cannabis market is a hot industry to be in right now. With its continued rapid growth, it’s crucial for business owners to invest in proper security to protect their products and employees.

The Importance Of Security In The Cannabis Industry

Every state that has cannabis legislation has some security infrastructure, but how do businesses know which protection is needed to protect their possessions? Continue reading to find out.   

Security Requirements  

Federally, cannabis is classified as a Schedule 1 drug in the Substance Control Act, which creates political uncertainty and confusion among cannabis businesses. State-wise, the classification of cannabis varies between states.

Due to this uncertainty, there are many regulations to follow that differ in each state. Dispensaries need to meet a variety of security requirements to stay in compliance with state regulations.

Here are some security regulations that exist no matter what state your business is in: 

  • Security cameras 
  • Alarm systems
  • ID verification
  • Guards inside and outside of dispensaries  
  • Security patrols at cannabis growing facilities

Security Needs for Cannabis Business

Cannabis businesses store lots of value since they carry assets like cash, equipment, and cannabis itself. Not only that, but dispensaries also hold large amounts of data causing them to become a target for cyberattacks.

To prevent cyberattacks, dispensaries will need to invest in a data security system that protects their confidential information. 

We recommend Zencanna to protect your data. Zencanna’s data security protects your confidential information with 256-bit bank-grade security.

It takes full advantage of Amazon’s security tools, including VPC, AWS, Route 53, Cloudfront, KMS, Inspector, and Amazon SQL RDS. Zencanna also completes an SSAE 16 Type Ⅱ audit each year.

Zencanna provides its dispensary users with beneficial features like ID verification, a sleek PoS system, inventory management, patient scheduler, customer promotions, staff scheduler, Cannabis tax automation and top of the line data security.

To Conclude 

Cannabis businesses face many challenges. They must keep up with state regulations while protecting their business from physical and digital attacks. It’s crucial for cannabis business owners to work with plenty of security to protect their assets.

Investing in software like Zencanna Dispensary PoS System will provide a dispensary with the digital security it needs on top of features that provide an easy to use the PoS system. Try it today with a free demo at Zencanna.

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