Everything You Need to Know to Buy Edibles

November 2, 2020 0 Comment

So, you’ve heard about the beautiful world of edibles, and you’ve decided you want to give it a try. Maybe this is your first encounter with cannabis, or perhaps you’ve tried consuming it other ways, and now you want to try something new. Below is all the advice you need to buy edibles and prepare yourself for a safe and fun experience while high.

What Dose Do I Want?

When trying edibles for the first time, it is essential to understand what does your edible is. The dose in question usually refers to the THC content, which is the psychoactive substance that will produce your high.

Here is a handy chart from Deep Roots Harvest to see what you may be able to handle.

● 1 to 3 mg – Minimal Tolerance and a Mild Experience
● 3 to 8 mg – Minimal Tolerance and a Medium Experience
● 5 to 15 mg – Minimal Tolerance and a Strong Experience
● 2 to 7 mg – Some Tolerance and a Mild Experience
● 4 to 12 mg -Some Tolerance and a Medium Experience
● 10 to 20 mg – Some Tolerance and a Strong Experience
● 4 to 10 mg – High Tolerance and a Mild Experience
● 6 to 15 mg – High Tolerance and a Medium Experience
● 15 to 30 mg – High Tolerance and a Strong Experience

Keep in mind that this is just a suggestive chart and that everyone reacts a little differently
to THC.

It’s important to know that all edibles are slightly different from each other and cause different reactions. Just because your friend had a specific experience from a particular brand or type of edible doesn’t mean you’ll get the same experience.

Be Safe

You have your edibles, and now it’s time to discuss some safety procedures that will help keep you safe while having a good time.

Eat Before You Eat

Don’t take edibles on an empty stomach! Make sure you have had a meal beforehand so that you don’t accidentally feel the effects harder than was intended.

Just like alcohol, eating an edible on an empty stomach can cause harsher side effects.

Don’t Drive

Driving and being high is not a good combo; it’s also illegal. You can get a DUI for driving under the influence of marijuana, as the “influence” does not only refer to alcohol intoxication.

Some states have exemptions for those who are using cannabis for medical reasons, so check your state’s guidelines if you think this exemption applies to you.

The National Highway and Traffic Administration said that studies have shown “marijuana can slow your reaction time, impair the judgment of distance, and decrease coordination, which is essential when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle.”

Make sure you have everything you need at the location you are taking the edibles before you take them. Plan and make sure you have food, water, and a sober driver for anyone who needs a ride.

Don’t Cross the Wires.

You should never get “crossfaded” or mix weed and alcohol; it will increase the likelihood of you having a bad trip. The two illicit substances are not complementary, and using them in tandem may cause you to have issues.

Start Slow

Less is more when it comes to THC. It is always better to start with a lower amount than you think you need and eat more later. Especially if this is your first interaction with THC, it’s better to start with a little bit and see how you’ll react. It’s easy to take more; only time will get it out of your system once it’s in.

Have a Safe Space

Make sure the location you are taking edibles is somewhere relaxing and safe. You never want to get high in a situation where not being fully aware of your surroundings could become dangerous.

THC pairs best with a laid back environment; if you take a high dose of THC in a stressful situation, you may be more likely to have anxiety and fear.

Get Yourself a Sitter

Especially if this is your first time using THC, have a sober friend around who is willing to watch you for the duration of your trip. This will make it safer for you, especially if you are taking a high dose.

Is it Different From Smoking THC Products?

Yes. The thing that is the most different between the two is how long it will take you to feel “high.” Smoking kicks in within a couple of minutes, but edibles can bring about a half-hour to an hour to the peak. If you have smoked before, you may mistakenly take too much if you don’t know that edibles have a more delayed effect.

The science behind this has everything to do with your liver. When eating edibles, the liver processes it differently than when you smoke. According to Nick Jikomes, the primary researcher at Leafly, ”The real difference between edibles and smoking or vaping is that with edibles, a much more significant fraction of Delta-9-THC makes it to the liver first. There it gets
converted to 11-hydroxy-THC.”

This means that there will be more 11-hydroxy-THC that gets made in your liver from an edible than from smoking.

Have a Plan if Things go Wrong

So, you messed up; you took more than you meant to. It happens. That’s why it’s essential to have a plan just in case. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s a good idea to lie down, drink water, and sleep off your high.

You should also make sure to have CBD only drops or edibles nearby. Pure CBD has been shown to help negate some of the side effects of taking too much THC containing cannabis.

Find a Dispensary, Have Fun

Congrats, you made it to the end of this guide, you are officially ready to try an edible safely. Know your state’s laws, and use a website like leafly.com or weedmaps.com if you are having a hard time finding one. Make sure to start slow and remember that edibles are a whole new experience even for seasoned cannabis smokers.

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