Cannabis PoS System Buyers Guide – Tips to Choose the Best Dispensary PoS System

August 21, 2020 0 Comment

As more and more cannabis dispensaries open up, owners realize the actual value of a quality Point of Sale (PoS) system. The fact is: no matter how great your staff or product is, it’s the experience of the transaction process that sticks with a customer.

That’s why it’s crucial to offer your employees and customers the best PoS system to help create a memorable experience.

Value of a PoS System

A Point of Sale system provides the foundation a business needs to run its operations smoothly. It’s one of the most important investments to consider when opening a cannabis dispensary. 

Every retailer should have a PoS system to stay organized to run its operations. Still, a cannabis retailer has much stricter regulations that create a need for a more effective PoS system.

It’ll need to handle payments, manage inventory, secure customer records, maintain compliance with laws (local and federal), and so much more.

Features to Look For 

When searching for a PoS system for your business, look for features that go above the standard ones already provided.

Look for features that will benefit your business and help it stand out from the crowd. The following is a list of features to look for in a quality PoS system:


Your PoS system should integrate with your existing business tools in hardware, traceability, and accounting. These integrations will help you save time and reduce errors during the setup process. 

Inventory, Vendor, and Purchase Order Management

The system allows you to see real-time inventory status, vendor information, and issue purchase orders. It also automates vendor payment, track shipments, and sync all the info to your accounting system.


You’re in charge of keeping all your customers’ records private. That means ensuring your system protects all confidential information. We take advantage of Amazon’s security tools, including VPC, AWS, Route 53, Cloudfront, KMS, Inspector, and Amazon SQL RDS.

Customer Loyalty, Rewards, and Promotion 

A unique feature offered by some PoS systems is the chance to win a customer’s loyalty by offering rewards and new promotions. Zencanna provides this feature and can be used to communicate these elements through multi-channel integrated chat, email, and text.

Tax Automation 

A PoS system that automates your taxes for you allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. It should automate all tax calculations and tax filing.

Zencanna Cannabis Dispensary PoS System

We told you some of the features to look for in a PoS system, so now it’s time to choose which one.

We recommend Zencanna. Zencanna is a PoS system tailored explicitly to cannabis transactions. It offers all the features listed above and many more to ensure your business operations are running smoothly.

It’s also the only system that provides a tax automation feature for its users. This feature offers: 

  • Real-time rates 
  • Transparent reporting 
  • Automated filing and remittance 
  • Print-ready tax forms 
  • Active support team
  • Variety of partner apps
  • Accurate records 
  • No long queues

You’re All Caught Up!

Now that we provided a few tips on how to differentiate a standard PoS system from the best PoS system, it’s time to implement it into your business.

This investment will be one of the most beneficial ones because you’ll start seeing changes immediately. You’ll have more control over your business since all your data will be secured.

Not only that, but it’ll create an efficient transaction experience for all your customers. Schedule a FREE Demo Now.!

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