How Cannabis Has Helped During the Coronavirus Pandemic

October 28, 2020 0 Comment

Pandemic, it’s the word that has been on everyone’s lips since March. It’s a word that inspires a lot of fear and anxiety. For some, the pandemic has meant sickness, job loss, long hours, or canceling big plans. It’s a time when everyone has been stressed out and anxious.

The cannabis industry has filled the gap between an activity you can do by yourself in your own home and a much-needed anxiety reducer. According to ABC news, sales jumped 33 percent as the state of Washington went into lock-down at the end of March.

Anxiety Reducers

Cannabis products, whether edibles, CBD, or marijuana, can be a great source of reprieve from the high stress we are all currently under. Many people already use cannabis products to help with their anxiety, and many cannabis product users experience improved relaxation, a sense of calm, and better sleep.

Since the pandemic has occurred, more people than ever have been turning to cannabis to help reduce their high levels of anxiety from their world is flipped upside down.

This has been able to help those with diagnosed anxiety or depression that have already been treating themselves with cannabis and maybe facing worse symptoms during these times. It is also an option for those who are experiencing undue hardship from the virus-like job loss or death in the family.

Essential and Economic

Cannabis dispensaries have been declared essential, allowing for cannabis sales to continue to help benefit the economy while many other places were locked down. With this crucial status, cannabis dispensaries have had to scramble to meet increasing orders while switching to a completely curbside or delivery service.

Many cannabis dispensaries have had to quickly hire people to meet the demand for their products and have turned to those who have been laid off from other businesses to fill their workforce.

While the cannabis industry has been a significant benefit to others during these hard times, employees in the industry have had to work hard to keep up with the spike in business. The pandemic has made them close their carefully designed stores and work from their websites and via delivery.

Luckily, Zencanna dispensary pos software can help dispensaries track their deliveries and manage online sales. While dispensaries have had to adapt and push during this pandemic, cannabis has shown to be the go-to method for many to help relax. This software helps cannabis continue to help those who need it during the trying times we are currently in.

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