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12 Key Features You Should Consider When Choosing A Cannabis Dispensary POS Software

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12 key features you must consider when choosing a cannabis dispensary POS software. With the legal acceptance increasing day by day, marijuana business sector seems to be evolving manifolds. New products and new regulations are constantly churning the market towards revenue generation. To support this ever-evolving market and the constantly changing regulatory framework of cannabis sector, a strong point-of-sale is more than crucial.

A strong and effective cannabis dispensary point-of-sales software should be well integrated, to cater to the regulatory compliance demands of the cannabis industry, as well as provide highly intelligent business analytics tools to support the total cannabis business management.

Cannabis Dispensary POS Software – Key Features You Must Consider When Choosing One

The following features should help you understand the parameters that make a cannabis POS, more or less perfect and how to go about finding one!

  1. Paperless check-in
  2. Medical and Recreational POS features
  3. State compliance ready
  4. Multi-location management
  5. Automated integrations
  6. Hardware for the dispensary POS system
  7. Inventory tracking and management
  8. Cannabis tracking & delivery apps
  9. Seamless reporting
  10. Tax calculations & reporting
  11. Staff training features
  12. Extensive support with monthly or yearly subscription

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Checklist to pick the right point-of-sale system for your cannabis dispensary

Just like a business set up has different functions, to support the running of a business, a good POS also has. In order to support and boost various aspects of the business operations, a good POS should constantly work in sync to assist in doing the same.

Paperless check-in

Nothing is as frustrating than the experience of standing in endless cue, verifying paper work manually. It’s a sure shot put off for both customer and the staff. This sometimes is time and energy taxing, hitting the bottom-line directly at times.

To ease the experience, a good state-of-the-art POS should have hardware and software integrations, which brings in paper-less check-in, easing the entire process of paper verification. Other than the verification and customer profile creation, the menu and inventory updates along with the purchasing process should also be added features in the POS.

The cannabis point-of-sales system by Zencanna has unique visitor management feature, which takes care of paper less check-in, along with customer ID verification and scheduling their appointments before they arrive at the store, in person. This helps in saving time and making the process of marijuana retail process easy and hassle-free.

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Medical and Recreational POS features

A cannabis dispensary can indulge in the sales of both kinds of marijuana, medical and recreational to be precise. However, the two kinds of marijuana sales demand certain specifications, especially in terms of legally permissible purchase and sale limits, permissible possession limits, tax treatments etc.

These specifications, by way of integrations need to be built-in a good and updated cannabis POS. 

State compliance ready

A good cannabis point-of-sale retail platform needs to be compliance friendly, in terms of ease of handling, accuracy and timeliness. It should integrate with features like inventory tracking, product deliveries product sales and current stock levels. 

Most important feature is that all this information, coupled with customer data, should be safe, encrypted and backed up automatically. In short, a compliance friendly POS should update automatically to keep up with the latest compliance features, prevailing in the industry.

Zencanna’s point-of-sales system is known to highly compliant across all kinds business functions. Right from inventory tracing, sales tracking, regulatory compliance to the major, tax compliance, it touches upon all!

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Multi-location management

In case you are planning to set up more than one store, it’s crucial to understand if your cannabis dispensary will support total inventory management and multiple branch business analytics. This is to ensure that your POS is not left poorly synced across locations.

A well synced point-of-sale system, will ensure all sales, inventories and location reports for various stores are all available for efficient business management. 

Automated integrations

Important integrations like MERCK and other third-party integrations help in keeping a cannabis retail software up-to-date and in sync with important business parameters, inside and outside a cannabis dispensary.

In addition to this, every state has its own set of marijuana rules and regulations, different for medical and recreational marijuana. This is why a highly compliant dispensary point-of-sales software, with suitable integrations with state’s online reporting software is crucial.

Zencanna boasts of point-of-sales software, which has the right integrations to keep up with the changing cannabis business dynamics. Right from integrations with MERCK, BIOTRACKTHC, Intuit, QuickBooks etc., the POS is ready to assist with every aspect of cannabis business dynamics.

Hardware for the dispensary POS system

Just like certain software integrations speed up the process of doing marijuana business, similarly integrated accessories or adequate hardware also assist in doing the same. These hardware devices help in streamlining the day-to-day cannabis dispensary operations. 

Zencanna’s POS comes with important hardware accessories to the tune of built-in receipt printer, bar-code scanner and ID swiper, to speed up the check out process. The in-built weighing scales are also feature that integrate with POS software, to weigh the cannabis flower/ product. Plus, speeding up the labeling process becomes easy with built-in-receipt printer.

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Inventory tracking and management

To avoid inventory discrepancy from the point of procurement to the final sale, it’s important to have a POS, which integrates with necessary inventory tracking and management features. These integrations make identification and tracking of flower/product from the time it’s sowed until its sold. 

Tracking and reporting product movements becomes easy with Zencanna’s cannabis POS software. It integrates with METRC to assist with track and trace compliance, automate reporting and help with inventory management. Integrations with BIOTRACKTHC further facilitates compliance with government bodies.

Cannabis tracking & delivery apps

With a highly cash infused industry, marijuana dispensaries struggle a lot in terms of security. Adding to the woe, the very nature of the product they deal with, heightens the security stress. To ease the safety and security woes, cannabis POS system, should integrate well with cannabis tracking and delivery apps.

Zencanna’s Point-of-Sales system is well integrated with delivery apps, which show live route map, delivery status of drivers, sending status and geo fencing alerts whenever needed.

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Seamless reporting

A major function of an effective cannabis POS software is intelligent reporting through essential analytical tools. These tools will help generate reports, giving an idea about each and every business function and its performance over a certain period of time.

Zencanna’s cannabis dispensary POS software, which is a web-based dispensary reporting system, helps you to keep a check on your business parameters from anywhere, with just a click of a button. It gives deep business insights through custom reports on product specific sales, gross revenue, operational expenses, staff performance and even tax expenses.

Tax calculations & reporting

Not many cannabis POS are equipped to handle tax calculations and automate tax reporting. Zencanna’s marijuana dispensary POS software is one of a kind, which caters to tax automation.

Equipped to handle state-wise tax calculations and remittance, the marijuana POS system gives up-to-date and accurate tax rates for every state and local jurisdiction. It even provides assistance with preparation, submission and payment for a dispensary’s sales tax filings. 

It provides pre-filled accurate, state-specific tax forms to facilitate the process of e-filing as well. In addition to the tax automation, the analytical tools help a dispensary assess its tax expenses on a historical basis as well.

Staff training features

An uncomplicated cannabis POS software is an advantage in a marijuana set up. It ensures that dispensary staff doesn’t spend too much time in understanding the POS set up and learns quickly to operate the software.

Zencanna’s cannabis dispensary POS is extremely easy to use. With a user-friendly interface, it instantly equips and empowers the store staff/budtenders to get onto the business. The POS makes sure that the staff downtime is reduced, leaving ample time to focus on important business functions.

Extensive support with monthly or yearly subscription

In a sea of cannabis dispensary POS, it’s very difficult to gauge which ones to go with. It’s important that at the time of evaluating the POS, the dispensary should ensure that its not getting itself stuck in a one-year loop. Hence, it’s crucial to test cannabis POS software on a trial basis or who offers affordable rates on POS software on a month-on-month basis.

Zencanna again outshines in this aspect as well. With starting range of just $99/month (compared to all other leaders exorbitantly priced at $299-$500), it offers POS software on a month-to-month basis before a free trial as well.

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About Zencanna Cannabis POS Software

Zencanna Cannabis POS Software is primarily known for resolving all compliance issues, especially tax compliance, Zencanna’s dispensary POS software is unique and different from the prevailing ones in the cannabis industry so far. It incorporates all the key features that are required to assist a cannabis dispensary to function seamlessly. 

The following key features make the Zencanna cannabis POS platform a much sought-after marijuana dispensary software.

  • Zencanna Cannabis Dispensary POS System has all kind of compliance tools, catering to all kinds of product givers in the marijuana supply chain. This includes cultivators/ producers, distributors/wholesalers and retailers/dispensaries.
  • Easy check-in and ID verification feature through an automated visitor management makes it easy to manage repeat and new customers. This feature makes the verification part easy, like state medical card and physician’s written recommendation. Further, it even quickly allows the patients to schedule and make their dispensary visits, getting them queued. 
  • A strong and easy to use interface, makes the entire purchase experience of the customer seamless and hassle free. The best part is the easy interface hardly requires much time and effort from the budtender’s end, thereby saving ample time on training.
  • Zencanna’s Cannabis POS System is extremely efficient in covering all the end-to-end functions of a cannabis dispensary. Right from adding products to cart by scanning barcodes, upkeeping inventory records, availing customer data, making record of last updated sale to generating historical figures for the same, Zencanna’s POS Software is capable of doing it all.
  • Customer relationship management by way of automating rewards and recognition plan of the dispensary, is another unique feature of the point-of-sale’s service.
  • Zencanna’s POS has integrations that sync in with cannabis dispensary’s accounting and payroll system. This makes it easy to clock shift management timings for budtenders, therefore giving the exact time of their contribution.
  • Also, the integrations make the POS effective in generating real-time inventory status. It also assists in automating vendor’s payments and tracking vendor shipments.
  • The most unique offering of Zencanna’s point-of-sale system is its tax automation feature. It automates tax calculations and remittance, forcing the dispensaries to stay tax compliant always.
  • Generating historical reports for sales, expenses, taxes, performance etc. are all part of Zencanna’s point-of-sale software integrations.

Want more help picking the right cannabis POS system for your dispensary?

Zencanna Dispensary POS Software licensing begins with $99 and the POS caters to all kinds of players, irrespective of any size or bandwidth in the marijuana industry. However, specific quotes will vary based on locations, number of POS systems and the required features.

To understand more about the quotes or simply learn about our cannabis POS for your marijuana setup, contact us today!