Celebrities and The World of Cannabis

Celebrities And The World Of Cannabis

September 25, 2019 0 Comment

Celebrities and the World of Cannabis – The tie between Hollywood and the cannabis industry runs about as long as the silver screen itself, despite the stigma surrounding marijuana for decades. 

Today as cannabis becomes increasingly legal in many states, celebrities are flocking to invest in this booming business venture. The marriage of celebrities and canna business is a match made in heaven as they usually come with a built-in, or potential fan base for not only themselves but the product as well. 

Celebrities are also able to shift the stigma surrounding cannabis by grouping it into their own personal brand, helping alter the mindset of the “harder to reach” generations. Here are a few celebrities dipping into the ever widening world of cannabusiness. 

Cannabis And Celebrities

1) Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has recently taken his talents from the boxing ring to the cannabis farms. With partners, Tyson has broken ground on Tyson Ranch; a large plot of land that is “primed to be cultivated,” where Tyson will grow his own brand of cannabis. Along with growing, the ranch will also feature a cannabis themed resort, edibles factory, amphitheater, glamping and other weed themed amenities. 

2) Whoopi Goldberg 

Esteemed actress, comedian, and singer Whoopi Goldberg now can add a line of feminist themed cannabis products to her dossier. She formed her product with industry leader Maya Elisabeth. The business focuses on menstrual pain relief and is the first of its kind.

3) Gweynth Paltrow

Gweynth Paltrow’s clean living brand, Goop, has recently endorsed a variety of cannabis infused products – a venture which many found surprising. From bath bombs, to tea, to cannabis cocktails, Goop has put its seal of approval on a variety of cannabis products.  

4) Snoop Dog

The newly self-proclaimed reggae artist has been a proud proponent of cannabis for years. In 2012, he went on a weed fueled pilgrimage to Jamaica where he rebranded himself as Snoop Lion.

He is also the co-founder of Leafs by Snoop, a cannabis brand that specializes in cannabis flowers and edibles. Founded in 2015, it has grown to be one of the largest retailers and has coined itself as the “first mainstream cannabis brand in the world.”

5) Willie Nelson

Renowned American musician and actor Willie Nelson is well known for his love of country music and cannabis alike. In 2015, he founded Willie’s Reserve, an old-west themed brand of various cannabis products that’s primary focus is to transfer Nelson’s idea of cannabis to actual products. It’s website puts an emphasis on farmer relations and includes a wide section of bios on the growers.

6) Wiz Khalifa 

American rapper Wiz Khalifa has been a proud proponent of cannabis for many years through his rap and various film ventures. He recently came out with a cannabis themed merchandise line as well as a “simulation game” app where you can grow your own cannabis. In 2016, he launched his own strain of cannabis called “Khalifa Kush” and sells it on his site along with his merchandise.

7) Seth Rogan

In 2019, American actor Seth Rogan launched Houseplant, a Canada based recreational-cannabis company partnered with grower Canopy Growth. The company described the business in a press release as “a result of years of experience and dedication, with each element and expression thoughtfully designed to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis as much as Houseplant does”. Various products include soft gels, pre-rolled joints, as well as a variety of strains introduced throughout 2019.

8) Chelsea Handler

 Famed American actress and comedian Chelsea Handler has recently partnered with NorCal Cannabis, which is one of the largest cannabis operators in America. She is designing a new line of cannabis products aimed at “celebrating sisterhood” and being a force for good. Various products are in the works; including three vape lines and at least one edible brand.

Handler boated that “cannabis has become an integral part of my life. I’ve been open about my usage. When I ‘rediscovered’ it recently, it helped me get through some tough times, and it helped me get off sleeping pills. I now see it as a part of my overall wellness regime.”

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