California's Cannabis Covid-19 Recovery

California’s Cannabis Covid-19 Recovery

October 13, 2020 0 Comment

You’re a dispensary owner in California. This is a lot of pressure, especially since your business was deemed an “essential service” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, what now? Things are looking slightly less bleak now, and they just might be headed back to something that resembles normal. We will never return to the old normal, though, so what should you as a dispensary owner expect of this new normal during the Covid-19 recovery?

What happened during the Covid-19 stay-at-home order?

A lot of changes were made to the cannabis industry in California during the Covid-19 stay-at-home order. Some additions and adjustments to the sector included:

  •   Curbside pick-up
  •   Online ordering system
  •   Increased supply ordering ability
  •   Doctor and patient conversations conducted over the phone rather than in person

These are just a few of the most significant changes made in the past few months.

What does it look like as a dispensary owner now?

It is a big responsibility to be considered necessary enough to be deemed an essential business, and you should not take this responsibility lightly. Here are some guidelines you can follow moving forward as our country starts to open back up again.

Follow the restrictions of your local jurisdiction

This can mean anything from only allowing a certain amount of people into your store at one time to cleaning your high-contact surfaces with a disinfectant periodically.

Because you will remain in business through these trying times, you must act as an example of safe practices to the public. Whatever your state and local jurisdiction say should be taken seriously. Even if this hinders good productivity, it should be done without question.

Prioritize the health of your customers and employees

Make sure you are allocating the budget and time for cleaning measures. Employees may need to be involved in this cleaning process as well. This goes beyond cleaning supplies, though; it also applies to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It would be wise to mandate the use of PPE inside your store at all times, both for customers and employees.

Prioritizing health goes beyond physical health: it applies to the mental health of your employees and customers, too. If an employee doesn’t feel safe coming into the store, don’t push things.

A lot of the United States is still adjusting to the normality of getting back to work. An unhappy and scared employee won’t be a productive one, anyway. Practice social distancing etiquette with employees and customers to put all those in your store at ease. Not only that, but it’s disrespectful in this time more than ever to invade someone else’s space.

Don’t disregard taxes

The federal income tax guideline, because of the Covid-19 effect on businesses and the economy, was moved back to July 15. Just because it is later in the year does not mean that it should fall to the back of your mind.

Reevaluate contracts

Not all businesses remained open the last few months, so some of your partners or investors might not be doing well financially right now. Extending the courtesy of a re-negotiated contract or terms can speak volumes and help maintain a healthy working relationship. This should be an option, especially if you were doing well during the stay-at-home orders.

Use your leadership wisely

As an employer, you might have dozens of employees that look up to your leadership and hundreds of thousands of customers that you are servicing with your products.

Make sure that you are upfront with your employees and customers about new additions or changes to existing rules and regulations. Customer loyalty can undoubtedly be earned in that way.

Additionally, be honest with employees about industry trends, forecasts, and expectations of the future. Transparency is essential in these trying times.

Moving forward in the dispensary business

Another step you should consider taking during these times is investing in a cannabis PoS software that is changing with the times, too. The product you are looking for is Zencanna, a fully compliant tax automation system for dispensaries.

Zencanna is always in front of the latest trends, and this product will work with your dispensary wherever it finds itself during these unprecedented times. With the ability to integrate with several other types of software, Zencanna will be a sleek, seamless transition to your sales routine that keeps you ahead of competitors. 

On the bright side, it looks like California might just have provided the rest of the United States with an example of the good that can come from the legalization of medicinal and adult-use marijuana.

It’s a harsh industry, to begin with, so the fact that you remained open and operating during a pandemic merits congratulations. So, congratulations. Keep up the excellent work, and stay safe.

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