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A Boom In Cannabis Deliveries During Lockdown

August 20, 2020 0 Comment

If you’re currently a dispensary owner, it’s probably a hectic time for you. With a considerable increase in demand for your products comes the expectation of offering services that meet that demand.

People are entering your store at a high volume, this is great for your business, but is it safe for your employees and customers? You ask yourself, “How can I provide for my customers what they want while maintaining the safety of my employees?” Well, it’s time to consider at-home deliveries. 

A Boom in Cannabis Deliveries 

With the majority of states with marijuana dispensaries, many have remained open to offer customers with their essential services during these times.

California, a state with legalized recreational cannabis since 2016, is maintaining a stay-at-home order to control the spread of COVID-19.

Still, as millions of people stay in their homes practicing social distancing, others are required to make daily deliveries to fulfill the rising demand for cannabis.

The New York Times said a company in Northern California called had increased its sales 500 percent after lockdown orders were imposed in mid-March.

They went from conducting 200 orders a day to 1000, but as cannabis deliveries increase, so do the safety measures associated with them. 

Safety Measures 

With rising cannabis deliveries, dispensaries face a new problem: keeping their employees safe. Dispensaries are trying to conduct transactions completely touch-free by avoiding handing any products directly to customers.

That could mean delivering the product at the doorstep of the buyer and offering payment through applications like Cash App and Venmo. Although these measures are effective, they aren’t enough to ensure the complete safety of your employees.

Many people aren’t practicing social distancing recommendations, so going near their houses to drop the product off may contaminate the employee.

The New York Times states another way to complete the transaction: “ First, he lets the customer know he is on the way. When he arrives, he puts on a fresh pair of gloves and a face mask.

After he tells the customer he has arrived, the buyer will usually head to his car to pick up the order. He asks for identification. If the customer pays with cash, he folds the money and puts it in a bag.

If it is a card transaction and a PIN is required, he hands the customer the card terminal. He then hands over the purchase and removes his gloves.” 

Find a PoS System that Offers Delivery Features 

A PoS software system will keep track of all your data while managing and tracking your transactions. It’s essential to invest in a PoS system that fits your business’ needs. A quality feature to look for in a PoS system is a delivery application.

Zencanna, a cloud-based cannabis compliance tool for dispensaries, distributors, and cultivators, offers a delivery app that shows you live drop-off routing maps, geo-fencing, and idling, helps you manage driver assignments, sends alerts, and more. Implementing this system will monitor your business completely paperless. 

All done! 

Now, not only are you keeping up with the high demand, your customers are happy and safe. Keep track of all your deliveries by investing in a system like Zencanna.

Zencanna will benefit your business by offering it multiple features to help you maximize revenues and deliver exceptional service. Give your customers what they want with Zencanna. 

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